Apartments in Alicante, Spain

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Apartments in Alicante

Apartments in Alicante

The main reason behind Alicante’s irresistible charm is the sunny weather. In Alicante, the sun shines 2,851 hours a year, which cannot be said for many places in Spain. Moreover, the average temperature of this Mediterranean city is almost 19ºC (66ºF) all year round. What do you look for in an apartment in Alicante? If the answer is tranquility, peace and quiet, as well as the beautiful coastline, Campella is a great option. If you enjoy a lively atmosphere, movement, and gorgeous views, Benidorm or the city of Alicante are perfect for you. We can also find you apartments further inland, for example, in Petrer and Elda, two villages on the slopes of the Sierra del Cid. People of many different nationalities have purchased flats in this area, especially Russians. The village in which the highest number of Russians live is Torrevieja, with an impressive 4,101 Russian inhabitants. The average price is €1,388 per square metre for a new apartment and €1,089 if it is second-hand. Forget the myths about properties that only millionaires can afford - the variety of services we offer is so wide-ranging that you are bound to find something that suits you. We will give you our best possible advice for your to find your ideal apartment on the Costa Blanca.